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1709 Samuel Johnson was born in Lichfeld as the son of a bookseller

Approx 1712 His childhood was beset by ill health: his face was scarred by scrofula and a tubercular infection affected both his sight and hearing.

1731 His father died in 1731 and left the family in poverty forcing Johnson to cut short his studies at Pembroke College, Oxford

Approx 1732 He found work as a teacher at the grammar school in Market Bosworth and published his first essays in the Birmingham Journal

1735 he married Mrs Elisabeth Porter, a widow 20 years his senior.

Approx 1747 Worked with Lord Chesterfield on his Plan of a Dictionary of the English Language, and worked for eight years with the project. Lord Chesterfield refused to support Johnson while he was at work on his dictionary and later Johnson wrote: "This man I thought had been a Lord among wits; but I find, he is only a wit among Lords." A patron was in his Dictionary as"one who countenances, supports or protects. Commonly a wretch who supports with insolence, and is paid with flattery."


Approx 1750 Between the years 1750 and 1752 he edited Cave`s magazine The Rambler, writing nearly all of its numbers

Approx 1752 Johnson published essays in The Adventurer (1752-1754)

1754 When Cave died Johnson wrote a life of the bookseller for The Gentleman`s Magazine.

1755 A DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE was finally published

1755 Johnson piled his dictionary with well over 40,000 definitions and quotations pulled from all fields of learning.
to fart. To break wind behind.
As when we gun discharge,
Although the bore be ne`re so large,
Before the flame from muzzle burst,
Just at the breech it flashes first;
So from my lord his passion broke,
He farted first, and then he spoke - Swift

Approx 1758 Johnson published essays in The Idler (1758-1760).


1762 Johnson was awarded an annual pension by The new monarch George III

1763 he met the young Scot James Boswell, who later became his biographer

1773 He traveled to Scotland with Boswell

1775 published his observations in A JOURNEY TO THE WESTERN ISLANDS OF SCOTLAND

1775 Hester Lynch Thrale, a wealthy brewer, accompanied Johnson on his trip to Paris

1781 Johnson`s biographical essays of English poets were published as THE LIVES OF THE POETS

1784 He died during the night of December 13 and was buried in Westminster Abbey




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